• Miniature Components Small Enough to Sit On a Dime
  • Micro Machining to 10 Nanometer Resolution
  • Ability to Document Critical Features at the Miniature / Micro Level

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Minature & Micro Manufacturing

At EverFab, we not only manufacture to the miniature and micro scale, we provide consistent accuracy, quality, and documentation that supplies our customers with the certification necessary to prove that their exact specifications are met.

Our continuous investments in both equipment and experience have allowed us to excel in the manufacture of miniature and/or micro components using a wide array of materials such as ceramics, metals, and elastomers. This versatility in size and material allows us to meet the ever–changing demands of our customers.

EverFab’s micro-manufacturing abilities give us the confidence to generate parts that are measured in microns. We can not only consistently produce parts to meet our customers’ requirements, but also acquire and provide documentation proving its accuracy down to ten nanometer resolution.


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